domingo, 12 de abril de 2015

My little Cléo

I would like to present my first cat Cleo ...  

my husband gave me on March 30 (his birthday) ... when he got home was with her on his lap under 1 month of born ... so he told me she was going to be thrown into the river !! Can you believe such cruelty? But now she has parents who will surely give a decent life to it.
 I must confess I'm in love with her .... the early days she take milk bottle ... but we soon discovered that she is allergic to lactose ... and we changed  to food and she adapted fast... and have even gained weight and grew  ... she is very smart and active ... Have a cat it's very different to me that so far only had dogs and birds .... but it has been a wonderful experience ...

But I think you have tinned the fact that I write "my husband" ... Yes, after 23 years of our separation ... we start a talk about it last year and since January we're married again ... this is why I left São Paulo and I came to live in Rio de Janeiro.

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