terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2016

Some news

The new patterns are already available in store page.

Today I took a photo of my cat Salem ...


 So charming and beautiful .... looks like a well behaved cat! :-)

Changing the subject completely ... have taken advantage of these cold days here in the southern hemisphere and putting some knit projects update, finally I finished the pink scarf based on Estonian Lace Stole - Nancy Bush 2001 (free), but I used thicker wool and not block; and started another with a pair of thicker needles ...

 Tjis one is already done ... my daugther love it!!

This is the new one ...more open with other needles...

A little crossed booties for a friend .... so cute and easy to knit!!

 and got two new crochet projects .... two baby blankets, one for the cradle already done ...


  and another one smaller for use on any occasion ... this second I'm still doing ... Both in diagonal crochet.

Where you can find my Patterns
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